Health care services in India need a revolution. For a country with 70% of population living in rural and semi urban regions, it is ironic to see less than 40% hospitals to cater to these people. Meena Kapoor, Seema Avasarala, Aditya Kapoor, and Akanksha Kapoor are trying to fill this gap with OyeHelp by providing personal M-Clinic Apps for Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals.

It is estimated that up to 70% of the most common health issues faced by people can be managed online and doesn’t require a physical visit to the doctor which involves traveling.

says Akansha.

Making the most of these statistics, this SaaS tool is utilizing technology to make life simpler for doctors so that they can cater to their patients better. Available on android, the app replicates the experience of a doctor’s clinic for their patients.

The only app providing real-time phone and video consultations with doctors, OyeHelp is allowing patients to consult their doctors over phone, video and chat. With OyeHelp, patients can book appointments and pay their consultation fee online. The doctors take their brick and mortar businesses online through their very own personalised app.

The doctors can grow their practice as they are not limited to geographies anymore, stay connected with their patients easily. The patients can also consul doctors at their own conveniences helping them save time during appointment visits.

says the founder.

OyeHelp makes it easy for the doctors to build their brand, advice, manage appointments and get payments anytime.

By setting up their online consulting clinic in less than 10 business days, the doctors can get started ASAP with their work.

says Meena, the CEO.

OyeHelp looks to expand by starting to fulfil the needs of specific medical streams. For instance an app for an endocrinologist would monitor blood sugar levels, thyroid and other markers required for such patients that have a chronic illness.

Process and Tech

A doctor signs up with Oyehelp through their web portal. OyeHelp allows doctor to customize the app by uploading their required information and images, and it takes care of uploading of the app to the Google Playstore for the doctors. Built purely on a Windows Stack, the app’s backend is built on .NET and MVC which allows for real time communication.

The patients only need to download the app and create a profile.

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Helping the patients?

Patients often wait for long durations for their turn, after travelling long distances only to find that the doctor was called into an emergency. OyeHelp allows patients to book appointments, take real time phone and HD video consultations and pay the consultation fees all through the app making sure they don’t have to go through the hassle.

The team is looking to build report sharing, E-prescriptions, chatting and offline appointment booking services in the coming times.

Helping the doctors?

Studies show that doctors use 55% of their professional time in direct patient care, while 1/3rd of their day is spent in patient management activities, including paperwork and follow ups or in time wasted due to the lull periods in a clinic.

With an OyeHelp M-Clinic app, Doctors are now not limited by the geography of a patient nor of their own physical location, and the follow up activities are managed within the app.

The TechPortal’s Take

With close to 200 million smartphone users and increasing percentage of mobile network penetration, Mobile phones have become the key medium of communication across the country.

OyeHelp has certainly tapped into the market at the right time. This ‘doctor on demand’ app takes away the pain of dealing with technology and lets one take a consultation from a doctor instantly, reducing the patients wait time by 50% and improving efficiency of doctors by over 30%.

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