Have you ever thought how easy it would be if you were able to control our surroundings with just a click? Well, Greenwave Systems, an Internet of Things (IoT) software and services company makes this a reality!

Few years back Jim discovered that his toaster decided to go beyond the call of duty. Instead of just toasting his Pop Tarts, it also elected to toast his cabinets, his countertop, and his curtains. In fact, as he puts it most of his kitchen was toasted. The key reason was the lack of communication. It was not able to talk to the smoke detector, to the the outlet giving it power and Jim was unable to make the machine understand that it had gone too far.

This thought made him develop AXON Platform which can interact with all the device at your home or office with just a simple command by you. The company where Jim Hunter is a Chief Scientist & Technology Evangelist is a global Internet of Things (IoT) software and services company whose disruptive Greenwave360 engagement model and scalable AXON™ software platform solution enables category-leading brands to profitably deploy managed services.

During a meeting with Jim Hunter, at CommunicAsia 2016  he showed how with the push of a button various objects surrounding you can be put into action. In a live demo, I was able to interact with the AXON platform, connect with its APIs, and see its architecture and gained a first-person understanding of its value proposition. For example, the smart home “morning” button initiates a series of events without the need for human intervention. By the time family members begin their day, AXON has already started the coffee maker, adjusted the thermostat, turned on the relevant lights and put the morning weather and traffic information at their fingertips.

This demonstration was a must watch at CommunicAsia 2016 where Jim said,

To leverage the opportunity before us, let’s start by changing our perspective. Stop looking at your “things” as … things. Instead, start seeing them as people or, more specifically, employees. If you make this simple association, the way that you think about interacting with things — yours and others — changes drastically.

The company’s mission is to drive mass adoption of IoT by enabling leading brands to use technology in ways that foster deeper customer relationships.


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