One of the world’s largest web services, Pinterest, that allows users to save images, videos and other objects to their ‘pinboard’ is making a dramatic change today. The company announced that the text on the oh-so-popular large red button will now say ‘Save’ instead of the signature phrase ‘Pin it’.

Apparently, the company found that the word ‘save’ has a better impact on users than any other phrase. In fact, pinning is quite common and trendy in the Western side but as the popularity of Pinterest has been elevating, people from all over the world are using its features. According to a study the web service conducted, people save 10 percent more with its browser extension when it says ‘Save’ rather than ‘Pin it’.

Unfortunately, most people tend to deviate towards ‘save’ buttons instead of choosing ‘Pin it’. In an attempt to increase it’s usage, the service will now ‘Save’ instead of ‘Pin’. The company says there are currently 150 million buttons which allow users to save content for later use.

The ‘save’ button is very popular right now. Not just in documents and project, but even most online services are offering ‘save’ buttons for different types of content.

The company also revealed that users can now see all of the boards onto which a pin has been saved.

The blog post announcing the update reads:

Now that more than half of people who use Pinterest are from outside the United States, we’ve been working harder than ever to make sure our app and website are easy to use no matter where you live or what language you speak. Unfortunately it turns out that the notion of “Pinning” ideas doesn’t always resonate with everyone around the world.

So we decided to test what would happen if we swapped our Pin It button for the more utilitarian Save instead. We were amazed by just how many new Pinners started saving ideas on Pinterest, especially people from outside the US.

In spite of the impressive numbers, we still really struggled with the decision to make the change. We have a lot of love for our Pin It button, which has served us well for so long. But the most important thing is for Pinterest to feel welcoming to everyone, and that’s why ultimately we went with the more understandable Save.


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