The Internet has been buzzing with rumours and speculations about Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram, rolling out business-centered services. We saw many leaks in the past few weeks and now the company has officially announced those new tools.

The company announced on Tuesday that it is going to start rolling out three new business-oriented tools– business profiles, Insights (analytics) and new tools to promote posts. Apparently, Instagram took help and suggestions from hundreds of businesses using its platform trying to understand where there was room for improvement and what new features could be introduced. The most on-demand services were differentiating their posts, analytics services and increasing their coverage.

Starting with the new business profiles, businesses will be able to convert their ordinary profile into a business profile that will bring in a host of benefits aimed for such services. This is applicable only to entities who already have a Facebook Page for their business. This means not everyone will be able to convert their account.

The feature advantages of a business profile includes the ability to let customers reach out to them via phone calls, emails or texts with a tap, and the profiles will include directions to the business, when applicable.

Next up is the Insights feature. This is similar to most analytics features on other platforms. It will allow businesses to assess their posts’ popularity and give detailed information about the type of audience engaged, differentiated based on different factors including sex, age, location etc. The service is also mobile-first that means that it can be used on the go without having to use a computer.

Finally, we have mobile ad creation. Unlike Power Editor, the Facebook tool for creating ads, the new mobile tool favours speed and simplicity over extended features. Users can simply convert their posts into ads with just a few taps. It sure has its own drawbacks, but overall, its a feature most businesses will welcome with open hands.

Business profiles will start rolling out in the coming months in the US, Australia and New Zealand. The company added that global roll out will most likely be completed by the end of this year.

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