As we had reported earlier that the New York based cloud-computing firm DigitalOcean was planning to pump $5 million to open its first data center in India. Well, the company has unveiled its newest(one of the 12 globally) data center in Bangalore yesterday and is now allowing developers to launch ‘droplets’ to those servers.

DigitalOcean says that the developers in India had been bugging the company to introduce its cutting-edge technologies with a native data center in the country. And they’ve finally delivered on their promise.

The New York based firm will stay true the vision of the company and continue to offer its services under a single pricing plan. All SSD cloud servers including the Bangalore one will be starting at $5 per month. The great thing is all the cloud servers includes best SSD hosting solutions which ultimately provide incredible performance and blazingly fast website speed.

DigitalOcean also announced the thrilling news on Twitter with a beautiful picture reading ‘Namaste India’.

The blogpost announcement further adds that the company’s principal goal is to empower developers and software companies around the world to build amazing things. It wants to make the cloud more accessible by leveraging their robust, affordable and simple infrastructure to the legion of developers in nations like India.

Studies suggest that India is one of the fastest growing and emerging ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs, with over 4,000 startups being launched just this past year. DigitalOcean believes that the number of software developers in India is expected to grow over 5 million by the end of 2018, so it wants to tap the developers and be a part of the innovations to be unveiled soon.

DigitalOcean, according to cloud infrastructure research firm Netcraft, has recently emerged as the second largest hosting company in the world in 2015. India happens to be one of the top 5 markets of the company after the US, the UK, Canada, and Brazil. so, it seems as an apt choice for the cloud solutions company to setup shop here.

We’re focused on making it easier than ever before for startups and teams of software developers from India, and around the world, to deploy and scale their applications.

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