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As the gamers and content creators shift to high-performance and heavy output gaming technologies, the processors also need to be compatible and up-to-date with their needs. Intel has stepped up to introduce an ‘Extreme Edition’ i7 processor with 10 cores on a single silicon chip(seriously!?), that is designed for extreme gaming and demanding workloads at the on-going Computex Conference in Taipai.

Gamers today are shifting towards 4K game streaming, recording and editing on their PC’s, with real-time interaction with their community. The gaming community is also shifting towards high-quality 360 video and VR technology, but the professionals had to purchase ‘unlocked processors’ so that they could over-clock the chip to get the required output for rendering graphics.

The new 10 core processor, Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition announced today will run at 3 Ghz(can be boosted upto 3.5 Ghz), packs in 25 MB of cache, Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology and features a new Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology.

The Intel Core i7 ‘Extreme Edition’ processor boasts the new chip is 35 per cent faster and provides better 3D rendering performance than the previous generation i7 processors. It makes the tedious task of editing and streaming 4K content 65 percent faster than the quad-core chip and 25 percent faster than the previous i7 processor. It also supports multiple 4K displays along with threads and performance fixes that will help creators spend more time creating than waiting.


Gregory Bryant, the corporate vice president of the Connected Home and Commercial Client at Intel Corp adds to the announcement that,

Put all of that together and gamers can immerse themselves in unbelievably vivid 4K gameplay while sharing the experience live with their community – without slowing down or looking back. And did I mention our Extreme Edition processor is unlocked? We know unlocked processors are important to enthusiasts, and the new Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition gives overclockers the headroom and tools they want.

Isn’t this just a wonderful addition to the product range for gamers and content creators!!

Intel’s new Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 steers applications to the highest-performing core, improving single-threaded performance by up to 15 percent. All new ‘Extreme Edition’ chips also support DDR4-2400 RAM, which promise a slight bump in speeds from the previous generation i7 processors.

The 10-core ‘Extreme Edition’ processor will reduce your bank balance by a hefty $1,723, if you’re interested in upgrading your rig for the best speeds and performance. The new Extreme Edition i7 processors will also be available in two other variants : an 8-core variant costing about $1,089 and 6-core variants starting at $430.

In addition to focusing on high-end gaming PC’s, Intel is also working on Apollo Lake Chips to help make powerful and smaller budget PC’s. The Apollo Lake processors replace the Atom processor in the basic processor line-up and complement the Cheery-X and Braswell chips announced last year.

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