Much awaited CommunicAsia 2016 event started at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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Asia Pacific’s technological advancement is happening at a fast pace, the innovations fueled by digital transformation ranging from Robots, Virtual Reality to Drones and Smart Devices. The event- CommunicAsia2016EnterpriseIT2016 and BroadcastAsia2016 commenced today at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore with its main agenda to discuss and map out the future directions of Information Technology sector and will conclude on 3 June 2016.


Guest of Honour - Dr Yaacob Ibrahim
Guest of Honour – Dr Yaacob Ibrahim

Guest of Honor of the event Associate Prof. Dr Yaacob Ibrahim (Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs) talked about the technological progress emphasizing on how the “country had made a difference” and is “on its way to become the world’s first Smart Nation”. He further mentioned that the world’s first data centers designed specifically for tropical climates are there in Singapore, attempting to validate his earlier statement.

Smart technology paves the way towards a smarter and more simplified digital lifestyle, producing countless opportunities that transform how people live, learn, work and play.

he said.


Different talks today, focused on the transformation brought about by the augmented digitally active consumers . The panel consisted of Ajoy Philip (ED, enterprise system group, DELL), Vicky Abhishek (CTO-Pacific group, The Coca-Cola company), Thomas Sennhauser (CTO enterprise group, HP) and Fredrik Ohisson (Director of global information management, TetraPal Group). One of the panel speakers discussed the understanding and harnessing of “Digital Disruption” in enterprise and how are enterprise classified into high and low risks. The panel also agreed on the statement, “Customer is the king in today’s world and thereby, we need to change as per the changing requirement”.

Ms Lindy Wee, Chief Executive of Singapore Exhibition Services
Ms Lindy Wee, Chief Executive of Singapore Exhibition Services

Vickey said,

We allow consumer to create your own Freestyle drink with the Coca Cola products and share across the media, which helps them to understand the customer requirement .

The panel also said that “Data” is next big thing. Ajoy emphasized on having new technology every day which is sole reason they launched solution partner program to have better analytics and develop Hybrid Cloud.

Service industry is next big sheep in the “Digital Disruption” to come. Addressing this issue panel said that they are prepared for it, however they cannot take the first step as it will lead to huge loss to the industry. Other panel discussions on smart city focused on increasing the productivity by clubbing the data by different agencies. They said the SOP should focus on – Transportation, Communication and Living Standard of people. IT and business connect needs to be done along with “Culture and Mind Set” acceptance. Data protection and security should be the FOCUS.


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