Cropping, rotating or modifying pictures according to a particular perspective using any tool has always been a very tricky task. No matter how careful you are, you always miss out on something that gives it away. To make these tasks easier and better, Adobe announced on Thursday that it’s going to introduce content-aware photo cropping in “an upcoming major release” of Photoshop CC.

Most of us have been through the occasional loss of focus in an image, or those dreadful whites in the background that seem to plague the looks entirely when we need to correct the angle of a picture. Fixing these problems has always been a chore, but Adobe thinks it might just have the answer.

The new content-aware photo cropping works on the same technology that already powers its content-aware fill, move patch to photo cropping. The system allows Photoshop to analyse the image and predict what must’ve been in that position. This means you will be able to retain the perception of the image without having cut out too much from it or leave any empty white space.

Our best guess is that the tool will be exceptionally helpful with basic structures but might degrade in quality with the complexity of the background, just like other content-aware tools present in Photoshop now. In its own words, Adobe says the following are the most probable uses:

  • Move the horizon by adding more sky or ground
  • Change the aspect ratio by adding content around the edges of your image
  • Fill in the corners when you rotate an image so you don’t give up any of your pixels
  • … and probably more we haven’t even imagined ourselves

All in all, the company has not yet revealed a detailed report about the new feature, just a sneak peak for us to glance at. But we can expect the update bringing in the new tool in the near future.

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