If you’ve ever wanted to create short clips and photoshopped images, but had to compromise with non-professional casual online tools, Adobe has just announced a big solution for you. The company has put in all of its content-creation tool expertise onto web, under the banner of a new suite of tools, dubbed ‘Spark’.

Spark, which debuted today, is a set of three tools — some new and some rebranded old ones — which act as a one-stop destination for you to create engaging visual content for your online audience, in a surprisingly minimal amount of time. The suite holds under itself — Spark Post, Spark Page (previously called the Adobe Slate) and Spark Video (previously known as Adobe Voice).

With Spark Post, you can create stunning social posts and graphics. You can remix, resize, and transform your social feed in seconds to create beautiful-looking, low on size visual content.feature-post-BLOG

Spark Page, which takes over the baton from the erstwhile Adobe Slate, lets anyone create beautiful web stories combining text and graphics — or single-termly called, Infographics. Now this could be a domain where Spark Page faces competition, considering there are some really cool services offered in this domain — the foremost coming to mind being Infogr.am.


Spark Video is taking it over from Adobe Voice and offers a new, radically easier way to create animated videos. No filming required; just speak your story and customize with themes, images, icons and text.



These tools however, are not entirely new. They were available under different names on the iOS App Store. The company says,

We simply took our popular iOS apps, gave them a makeover and new features as well as Spark-ified names, and brought them to the web so they’re available to everyone under one roof. 

All in all, Adobe Spark is a web application with companion mobile apps getting all of Adobe’s best visual content creation tools online, in a minified format. This could pretty much be a move to grab onto the buzzing online content creation space —  a space where Adobe lagged in a manner, similar to how Intel was left behind in the smartphone era. For Adobe though, its tools have only grown in popularity, and it is the right time to tap into this space, where users are looking for online tools to create quick videos and share them on social networks.

Also, if you’re a previous user on the iOS apps, your projects are still there. Your same login works, so you can continue editing or sharing your stories. Adobe has also added a #SparkMade gallery highlighting some of its favorite projects from users.

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