Smart transportation and IOT devices are currently the hottest embedded solutions on the market, enabling a convenient and connected vehicular transport. AutoNebula, a Tech Portal ecosystem partner, is a business accelerator focused on Connected Transport and paving the way to discover and incubate quality start-ups around the world.

After organizing a successful ‘Connected Transport Startup Meetup’ in Bangalore in partnership with NVIDIA, AutoNebula is now headed to Delhi for the next round. The Startup Meetup in Delhi is being organized in partnership with MapMyIndia and co-investor partner Indian Angel Network(INA) on 4th June 2016. The previous meetup in Bangalore has witnessed the participation of renowned automobile companies like Tata Motors, General Motors, Harman, TVS Motors, MapmyIndia and Utilis, to name a few.

The startup meetup is focused to introduce and promote the latest automotive technologies in India. While the world automotive leaders, like Tesla, BMW, LeEco are focused on shifting towards greener electric mobility, AutoNebula wants to instill the same in India, which is a prospective technology of the future.

AutoNebula is now expanding and making a mark in the Connected Transport Ecosystem, acting as a gatekeeper for emerging transport and IOT startups. The incubator continues to bring value through guiding and mentoring them in deal negotiations, focused accelerator programs and networking conducted by global experts.

Ignition Lab 2.0 is a contest initiative by AutoNebula, with the aim of bringing disruptive startup ideas in the automotive segment to the forefront. It will provide startups the opportunity to work under top-notch industry professionals, startup founders, experts and specialist mentors around the world. In the past, participants from Ignition Lab 1.0, presented their ideas to the jury and the finalists demonstrated their product ideas in the Connected Transport Startup Conference 1.0 in Pune on Jan 28th, 2016.

The prime objective of the Connected Startup Meetup is aimed at providing a platform to present and pitch their ideas to a panel of jury members that include senior OEM officials, investors and distinguished business leaders. Startup companies that have products, applications and concepts in the following space can easily participate in the event :

  • On- Board Diagnostics
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Analytics
  • M2M to M2I based solutions
  • Vehicle Robotic Solutions
  • Cyber Security
  • Transport Aggregators
  • Time-Sharing Transportation
  • IOT based solutions
  • Telematics
  • Prognostics for Vehicle Insurance
  • Infotainment and Vehicle Ergonomics
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communications
  • Traffic Management
  • Parking solutions

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