Apple has today released a regular maintenance update to a slew of Apple OSes. However, a striking change has been noticed in the design interface of the iTunes application.

This minor update bumps OS X El Capitan to version 10.11.5 and iTunes to 12.4 for the desktop application, introducing a new and quick navigation menu. The iTunes desktop app now looks more simplistic and resembles the iOS app in design. This update also introduces an enhanced media selector, to help users easily switch between different media types, such as music, podcasts, and movies.

The update also introduces a bolder and intuitive design, where in the menu has been redesigned to also include back and forward buttons for easier navigation inside the desktop application. User profiles, instead of being at the top, have now been shifted to the bottom and a new playlist option has also been embedded in the sidebar.

This immediate update to the El Capitan and iTunes is expected to fix a bug where people’s music libraries were being deleted without any permission. spotlight feature on OS X has also been fixed along with other performance improvements including bug fixes and several security patches for vulnerabilities. Apple had previously corroborated the iTunes problem, along with the outage of the App Store last week.

Apple is yet to release a detailed report for this update yet.

Other OS update includes iOS 9.3.2, where the Night Shift and Bluetooth functionalities have been fixed. The tvOS and watchOS have also received minor patchwork.

This might be the last update to these OS, because the Apple’s Developer Conference — the WWDC — is right around the corner. Apple is set to unveil new versions of iOS, watchOs, tvOS and a revamped and upgraded version of OS X, or we may say, the first version of MacOS??

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