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For the past few months, Twitter has gone into places it had never visited before. Continuing with similar developments, the company today announced a new developer-friendly feature that will help you display ads in your apps.

The company has just released a beta version of a new method which can be used to display MoPub ads directly within Twitter Kit timelines in Android and iOS apps. This means that the ads will be displayed to anyone using the app despite them being Twitter users or not. This stands to strengthen the company’s two year old claim that it has an audience much bigger than its base of 300 million active users. This, the company believes, is because of the huge number of people who actually see tweets even if they aren’t on the platform.

The new service makes it simple to integrate MoPub ads into your apps without much effort. Just a few lines of code and the API takes care of the rest, including the visual elements, performance, etc. The theme of the ads, in fact, will perfectly blend in with your selections in Twitter Kit.

To get the service up and running, just set up a native ad unit in MoPub, paste the ID into Twitter Kit and sit back to see the magic.

We had seen Twitter post ads within its platform, i.e. in its app or web service but this is the first time the social giant has taken ads out as a means of monetization.

Just under a month ago, the microblogging website had launched First View in India to allow advertisers to promote their brand through creative videos which are placed on the top of a user’s timeline for a 24-hour period. Tata Motors was the first brand to use this product.

You can check out the iOS and Android docs for more information.

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