A little under a year ago, we saw Housing’s CEO Rahul Yadav got removed from his position in an unsurprising turn of events. After this though, the “bad boy/maverick of Indian startups” took to social media and announced that he had come up with an idea of a startup that would be “10x more than all Indian Internet companies put together.” Sadly, his plans seem to be falling apart.

The Indian entrepreneur today announced on Facebook, to his over 70,000 followers that his startup idea isn’t working out.

He wrote:

Intelligent Interfaces (ii) for government is not working out. Should I make ii for enterprises or come back to real estate?

The startup plan Yadav had, never actually found a complete mould. The ex-Housing CEO, over the course of several months, kept dropping small hints as to what the startup would be about. And from what most people could make out, the image of the startup came out to look like a venture in the data analytics space. Yadav had said that the startup would be an interface that would be used by government officials. To create this business in partnership with the government, Yadav had even narrowed down on 20 government bodies he hoped would use his services.

The hints Rahul Yadav was dropping about his startup slowly and steadily were raising a lot of speculation among his fans and followers. He had finally announced the name “Intelligent Interfaces” and said that the service would use technology and visualization to help the Indian government make policy decisions.

Not just fans and followers, Yadav also managed to gain a lot of attention from potential investors. Just five months ago, Intelligent Interfaces managed to get score an investment from Flipkart cofounders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Yadav had also managed to get backing from Flipkart’s rival Paytm’s cofounder Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Another big name behind Rahul Yadav was that of Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh.

But it seems like all of that has gone down the bin, at least for now as Yadav seems to be considering moving to the enterprise sector or back to his first preference, real estate. Looks like Intelligent interfaces was just as intelligent as the graphics that were put up after all.

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