Google is today rolling out a new and updated Google Photos application, which lays focus on the search capabilities of the platform. This update adds a prominent and fixed Search Bar at the top of the application, which makes it easier to search the photo libraries, making it more accessible.

You can now just jump into the app, and tap on the Search Bar to search for photos, people, places, things and more. There’s another new option where you can scroll down after tapping on the search bar to see faces, places, and photo types from your photo library, for quick access.

Google Photos has had the capability to combine your pictures from a particular event and turn them into movies, but now you’re being handed the command to do it, in this update. You can now customize and make the movie your own, by adding personal music, photos and videos to it quite easily.

Google Photos now also makes it easier for you to manage folders, i.e creating, renaming, deleting or even moving the folders is now just a touch away.

The updated application is now available to download on Android, and will be released to iOS in the coming weeks. So, keep an eye out for that!

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