Even Facebook couldn’t save itself from catching the Windows 10 fever. While the social networking giant has largely avoided the Windows Phone platform, the company has today announced the release of its official UWP apps for Facebook, and Messenger on PC’s and Tablets, while releasing Instagram, the photo-sharing app for the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

If you’re unknown of the fact that Microsoft when it released the new Windows 10 last year, also announced the Universal Development Platform(UWP) to help developers build just one app, that after some small tweaks will easily run on devices with different screen-sizes and specifications. But, it seems that the Facebook apps are not truly Universal, because the two main apps, Facebook and Messenger run only on Windows PC’s while Instagram runs only on Windows 10 Mobile.

This decision, will maybe work in the favor of Facebook, who is looking to test the waters with these official apps before releasing it to all the platforms.

Now, let’s take a look at what the application truly have to offer us:


The new Facebook app has been built from the ground up, and will replace the old Facebook app, which was compatible with Windows 8 and above. The image on the right shows the new logo for the Facebook app on Windows 10, this will easily help you distinguish the official one from the third party apps. The new app is light, fast and easy going on the memory as compared to previous app experiences. In terms of features, the app includes the recently launched Facebook Reactions, stickers in comments, and a right-hand column that shows birthday & event reminders, trending topics and much more. Facebook has also included an in-app browser, so you can read your favorite posts right inside the application, without breaking your momentum.

Facebook has also included an universal Share feature, that will allow you to share your favorite files right form the desired app, or File Explorer, just with a right click.


Messenger for Windows 10

Messenger for Windows 10

Finally, another principal offering of Facebook in now available on the Windows 10 platform, after being teased for long in leaked screenshots and videos. The newly released Messenger application offers most of the popular features of the platform like, stickers, group conversations and GIFs, account switcher and much more. You can now enjoy the complete Messenger experience in a desktop app, running on a Windows 10 PC and Tablet, but still not on Windows 10 Mobile.

Both the desktop apps come with the functionality to pin icons on the start menu, which also feature Live Tiles. Yes, Live Tiles. You can now see recent notifications from the Facebook app, or read latest messages from your friends via Messenger, using Live Tiles. Pop-up notification have also been added to these apps, to keep you coming back and stay updated with your social life on the internet.


Instagram, under the wings of Facebook, has finally made it out of the BETA program, after weeks over weeks of testing and is now ready to roll-out on the Windows 10 Mobile platform. Instagram-windows-10This new Instagram app will replace the BETA app and is fully equipped with all the updated features, including Instagram Direct, Explore, Video Upload, Multiple Accounts, Hold to Zoom, and much more. The Instagram app also supports Live Tiles and you’ll be able to see all your latest hearts and comments right on the Tile.

Facebook and Messenger for Windows 10 will both be available later today in the Windows Desktop App Store, and Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile will be available later today in the Windows Phone Store.

Facebook has finally come to the realization that the Windows 10 platform is capable of becoming what it promises to be, and thus have finally decided to join the party, even if it might be a little late. Facebook in its official announcement have also detailed the future plan for these apps, where in the Facebook team will see how well these apps perform and what’s the general user response to the newly updated apps, and hence will work on bringing the apps to all platforms, including the Xbox One, and Holo Lens, making the app truly Universal.

[UPDATE – 11:53 P.M] The Facebook and Messenger apps are now available to download from the Windows Store.


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