Google has always been all about increasing the efficiency and portability of productivity. With that in mind, the tech giant today released an update to its Calendar app on Android that makes scheduling meetings on-the-go easier than ever.

Scheduling meetings is a pain– everybody knows that. You need to check every attendee’s schedule and find a coherent free spot for the required duration. But now, if you use Google Apps for Work or Edu, you can schedule meetings from anywhere with “Find a time” in Google Calendar for Android.

The service is specifically designed for organisations where sharing your work schedule with your colleagues is a usual practice. This means it cannot be of much use if you want to arrange a date with someone out of your company. Find a time, Google says, works even for different time zones. All you have to do is select the attendees and tap on ‘Find a time’. The feature will automatically find meeting times that work for everyone based on their availability and the times they usually have meetings.

In case there isn’t a coinciding meeting time, Calendar will ook at which conflicting meetings can most easily be rescheduled.

Calendar on Android will now  also allow you to see everyone’s schedule to be double sure about the planning. You can also schedule meetings for people whose calendars you manage.

The service is currently being ported only for Android devices, although Google says it has plans to bring it to its iOS app in the near future.

Over the past few months, Google’s Calendar service has gotten many exciting updates. We saw the company roll in ‘Goals‘ on the decade anniversary of the app, in order to get you off to work without procrastinating. The service’s Reminders feature has also seen a lot of evolution. Overall, we can see practical results about increased productivity because of Calendar.


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