OpenStack job listings are increasing exponentially and it’s becoming harder and harder to find the required skill set in potential candidates. To combat this, the OpenStack Foundation today announced its first professional certification called the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA).

The announcement was made by the organisation at its developer summit in Austin. Apparently, the first set of administrators will be able to take their exams during the OpenStack conference this week after which the ones who clear it will be COAs.

The foundation says that the new examination is designed to help companies identify top talent in the industry, and help job seekers demonstrate their skills. Candidates can prepare for the exam by gaining help from the large ecosystem of the organisation’s training partners. These include big names like Canonical, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Linux Academy, Linux Foundation, Midokura, Mirantis, PLUMgrid, Rackspace, among others. You can find the best training program for you at the OpenStack Training Marketplace.

After you’re done training, you can know where you stand by testing your skills and problem solving capabilities in the command line and Horizon dashboard. Also, the service runs over a virtual proctor system, which means you can take the test from anywhere.

Like any major technology shift, cloud computing has challenged companies to re-skill engineers and redefine culture and processes,

said Jonathan Bryce, the OpenStack Foundation’s executive director, in a statement today. 

The Certified OpenStack Administrator exam will help provide a target for cloud administrators who are in high demand as the number of organizations adopting OpenStack continues to grow.

The exam will last for 150 minutes during which the candidate will need to perform tasks or solve problems using the command line interface and Horizon dashboard. Virtual monitoring will be done for security reasons. One free retest is allowed after each purchase in case a passing score is not achieved and candidate has not otherwise been deemed ineligible for Certification or retake. The test is currently available only in English.

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