Independent and Startup game developers in India could score a massive resource funding of up to $500,000 each from Alibaba’s UCWeb. The Chinese firm announced on Friday that it will be sharing $20 million with Indian game developers to make their development experience as good as possible.

Smart developers will not only develop low-end games suited for the market as it is currently but also plan ahead for a better gaming environment in two to three years’ time,

Robert Bu, general manager for UCWeb India, said.

The program is being initiated under the banner of UCWeb’s Android app store, 9Apps and targets to support 100 Indian gaming startups within two years. The announcement was made by Bu at the PocketGamer Connects conference in Bangalore today.

The aim is to allow Indian game developers to work in a way in which they are able to develop low-end games of up to 20 MB and even high-end games that push your hardware through its limits. The program will provide developers a platform to enhance user acquisition, monetization, game publishing and promotion.

Some of the more interesting features of this program are 100 percent revenue sharing with qualified developers for a certain period of time, professional support and consultancy in testing, localisation among others.

According to our research, there are lots of challenges faced by independent and startup developers. It is not easy for them to get as much brand exposure for their apps as the big players can. UCWeb and 9Apps are committed to building a healthy ecosystem where local users can download quality app and games they like, and developers are able to enjoy fruitful financial return for providing excellent apps and games,

Bu added.

The service also provides professional data analysis via 9App Trends, local mobile payment solution, integrated promotion and branding solution. UCWeb wants to make the developers’ experience much better by taking over most of the work except building the app.

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