Snapdeal has joined hands and partnered with IIT Delhi and Phoenix Medical Solutions to sell ‘Smart Canes’ — an electronic travel aid for the visually impaired online. The ‘Smart Canes’ are priced at Rs. 3500/- and will be available online, exclusively via Snapdeal.

The Smart Cane is an enhancement to the simple white cane and it helps detect obstacles above knee level, using the spatial awareness device embedded in it. The device uses ultrasonic range detection to sense objects in its path and generates a tactile feedback in the form of different vibratory patterns, to help the person avoid socially awkward moments like collision with people or unsafe collisions with objects while walking.

The customers can also donate the Smart Canes using the Snapdeal Sunshine Platform, and the product will be shipped directly to the NGO partner, Saksham, who will then help empower the visually impaired have a better experience each day.

Tony Navin, the Senior Vice President of  Snapdeal happily addressed that,

SmartCane is a fine example of technology solving real life problems of people, and we at Snapdeal take immense pride in bringing the latest innovations to the market. We are confident that this product will be well received and our customers will also come forward to donate SmartCane to NGOs working with persons with visual impairment.

The Smart Cane has been tried and tested by 300 visually impaired individuals, whose feedback has then shaped the product to be what is today. The Smart Cane is currently being used by about 10,000 satisfied individuals in the country, which is a big feat for IIT Delhi.

Click here to donate and be a part of a wonderful and positive initiative, headed by Snapdeal.

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