LinkedIn, on Sunday launched LinkedIn Students, the company’s newest service to help college graduates find potential jobs. The app is currently available in the US only and points towards a the starting point in the career of a fresh graduate.

The app is a new arm in the professional social networking service’s already vast features. It uses details like your school, your major/stream etc to come up with potential job openings that you can fill. It also lists any Alumni that work at the recommended companies.

The app has a very simple interface, a sort of material-type design (from Google) with cards stacked on the screen showing different, important details right at your fingertips. The first card will roles you might be interested in. This means that if you’re graduating in a particular field but don’t seem to be fitting in or are skilled for something else, LinkedIn will provide you with alternate jobs that you could excel at.

This card will also provide you with a salary range, growth rate, a description of the role, jobs that are available and also a list of alumni who have worked at this particular firm. Another useful feature is that this service lists out companies that are hiring for the role, skills needed and similar roles you might be interested in. The data, LinkedIn says, has be collected fromits 414 million members.

The service also gives you access to hundreds of articles written by influencers and other graduates about their experience and how success can be achieved in their particular fields. These articles get sorted according to how close you are to graduating. Apparently, the company has already gotten 500 articles. These articles aren’t aren’t original created by the LinkedIn team, though.

Another card shows recommended companies which include companies that are scouting at your place of study. Yet another, shows suggested alumni to contact for support.

The last card, we know of as of now, shows jobs you might be interested in and displays actual “help wanted” postings.

The service is currently available in the US only but global roll out is expected to come slowly in the next few months.

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