Last week, Huawei showed off its latest P9 and P9 Plus smartphones in London. But that’s nothing compared to what the mobile phone maker had in store for Shanghai. The Chinese firm announced its thundering entry into the Virtual Reality world with its Huawei VR.

In essence, the new VR hardware from Huawei is a very precise duplicate of the Gear VR from the Korean giant Samsung. Just like the Gear, Huawei VR will allow you to slot in your smartphone on the front, allowing you to view the VR content over a HD display. Currently, the device is available for the two P9 phones and the larger Mate 8 only. And because of their 1080p displays (which is a shame!), we do not expect the quality to be anywhere near other VR devices.

The other features of the Huawei VR are a touch panel, a back button and volume keys on the right for interfacing with the app. It can also correct myopic vision of down to -7.00. You also get the usual 20ms low latency and 95-degree field of view along with an anti-blue light filter to protect your eyes.

The most exciting feature of the device, though, is 360-degree sound field on the go. The headset supports spatial audio through the MilkVR app if you use headphones with it.

Along with all these features, the new VR headset will come in with 4,000 free movies and over 40 free games, along with over 350 panoramic images and over 150 panoramic tours. The company hasn’t revealed pricing and dates of release yet, but its safe to assume that it will be a while until the virtual reality hardware hits the mainstream market.

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