Get healthcare products and drugs delivered to your home from  “Bhalo Thakun” which wishes you to “stay well” has taken the serious work to bring care for health at your fingertips. All that you need is to upload your prescription and your order is delivered to your address.

The service currently covers Dhaka. Starting from medicine to personal care to health accessories everything can be found at one place.  Account creation on is also simple with “Login with Facebook” feature offered. They are soon launching services in terms fixing appointment with doctors.

This is delivery service adds great convenience to the busy consumers. You will not have to push the traffic, stand in queue to buy the drugs. If you are a senior citizen, you also do not need wait for the young member of your house to fetch your drugs. To prevent abuse of drugs, the necessity of uploading prescription has been established as a requirement. Certain hygiene and birth control items that still make one uncomfortable to ask over the counter can be purchased with convenience here.

Not just convenience, you can also compare prices here and in addition, you get access to the full range of brands available in market for a particular product.  This certainly makes buying drugs easier. The user interface is quite simple and is user-friendly.  The product search enabled in the website is quite efficient to find your product. Order delivery protocols that they follow are quite effective and help customers to stay assured at all times. Online payment gateway is yet not integrated, so for now, the payment method remains “Cash on Delivery.”

The service has great opportunities, however like all e-commerce startup; they will also have to struggle with the low internet literacy among customers. Apart from internet literacy, the easy access to a physical drug shop in neighborhood is also a challenge because the buying behavior needs to be transformed. However, with early adopters the market size required to keep the service afloat is present. We are waiting to see how the customer reacts to this new intervention, as usual, the risks are certain to stay with the pioneers.

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