Have you ever been lost and wondered what to do in Dhaka? Is the usual plan of going out to eat getting too boring? Would you rather relish art, sports or indulge in a recreational activity? Choose where  to go from JeteChao.com.

This interesting site aggregates all happening in Bangladesh starting from art exhibitions, to concerts, to seminar and festivals. With a quick browse, you get to know what is happening around and you never miss an interesting event. With so many things happening around, it is was getting hard everyday to keep track of happenings and JeteChao.com which say “Do you want to go ?” in few days has gained good popularity among the crowd.  Along with event details, you can also buy tickets to the event( where applicable) from Jetachao.com.

The site is working well,to pull crowd and only then it will be able to monetize itself using advertisements. For now gradually it is try to increase its number of visitors. For a number of events they have provided ticket booking service thus commission from ticket sales is their sole source of revenue now. While meet-ups and gatherings are increasing, JeteChao.com certainly has good scopes ahead.


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