Freshdesk announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Airwoot, a startup based on machine learning that allows brands to deliver high-speed customer service on social media by using deep learning. The latest acquisition is the fifth in a spree which spreads over the past 12 months that Freshdesk has gone through with.

Freshdesk says that today’s acquisition will allow the firm to revolutionize the sector of social customer services.

Airwoot has been highly successful when it comes to providing customers with the best possible service. The company uses machine learning technology to automate the process of identifying conversations on social media. The more immediate ones, like queries, grievances and incidents, are then brought to the attention of a human or the bot itself solves the issue.

One of the most successful customers of Airwoot is Snapdeal. Here’s what Sushant Kumar, Associate Director, Marketing at Snapdeal had to say about Airwoot:

Airwoot’s constantly evolving technology continues to help us listen to our customers and provide a great experience. As a result of our work with Airwoot, we’ve become one of the most responsive brands in India with a response rate of over 98 percent and a response time of under 2 minutes. Their system enables us to scale easily, optimize our workflows and engage effectively with internal and external stakeholders.

Airwoot has actually brought in some intelligent new innovations to the way companies have traditionally perceived comments and feedback from social media platforms. airwoot-freshdesk-acquisitionThe startup started by building a high-speed ticketing interface that uses Kanban to track issue progress. The high-speed interface helped brands with over 10K twitter interactions daily, to consistently clock response times under 2 minutes and responding 98% of customers.

The upstart then built an agent performance dashboard from the ground up. It looks like focussing on individual performance and then stacking them up against top performers in the team brought out the best in them.

More importantly though, Airwoot came out with a state of art, ground-breaking noise-cancellation technology that leverages deep learning to filter the noise from social media. This new platform tell you what’s relevant from the waterfall of mentions that are bombarded to you.

Freshdesk’s current technology is no slack, though. The company offers complex algorithms which customers can configure to monitor social activity and identify conversations that require quick responses. To make this system even more advanced and future-proof, Freshdesk wants to couple its technology with that of Airwoot. This will make customer support more efficient and reliable than ever.

Delivering customer support via social media continues to be a challenge for many companies given the high volume of noise in the medium,

said Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO of Freshdesk.

Airwoot’s AI technology provides us a powerful platform to power the social engagement centers of the future.

Founded in 2010, Freshdesk is one of the leading providers of cloud-based customer service software globally. It is HQ’d in San Bruno, California, with offices in London, Sydney, and a major one in Chennai. The company has more than 70,000 customers currently with big names like 3M, Honda, Hugo Boss, University of Pennsylvania, The Atlantic, and Petronas accentuating the list.

Freshdesk’s previous acquisitions over the past year include Framebench, social recommendation firm Frilp among others. Freshdesk, since its advent, has always aimed to the enhance the quality of customer care. Its most recent product was launched 2 months ago called ‘Hotline.IO’. This service allows mobile-first businesses to incorporate in-app real-time customer support in their business apps.

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