F8 is underway and we already have some interesting announcements from Mark’s still streaming Keynote speech. One of those announcements is Facebook’s opening up of the Livestream API to developers.

Facebook Live, as you’d already know, is Facebook’s attempt (and a pretty greta one at that) to take on the likes of Twitter owned periscope and Youtube’s own live streaming service.

According to Zuckerberg, video is what’s going to be, the next propeller for growth for Facebook’s engines. And to make sure that those propellers work alright, the company is banking excessively on releasing products and services, revolving around video — and hence, the opening up of access to the livestream API.

Live has been a central product to Facebook, ever since it was launched. Only last week, the company announced a slew of updates to the product, most notable of them all being the ability to invite friends to an ongoing live stream and a live map that lets discover live video that the world is talking about, live video from the friends and creators that matter most to you, and live video on topics you’re interested in.

Opening up access to the API would give Facebook a straight edge over other livestreaming competitors, considering that more and more apps would now be able to embed the feature directly into the app, and let users stream live on Facebook.

How to get started with the Live API

Publishers with verified pages can get started with the Live API via Publishing Tools or by contacting one of Facebook’s Media Solutions partners. These partners have built video production, editing, and streaming products that publish directly to Facebook Live and bring live video to life with features like camera switching, instant replay, on-screen graphics and special effects.

Developers can learn how to integrate directly with Facebook Live using the Live API Documentation. The Go Live Dialog makes it particularly easy to get started. If you’re a developer and would like to integrate Facebook Live directly with your app or device, sign up to request access.

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