Indian actor Anil Kapoor has joined the celebrity likes of Yuvraj Singh, Kunal Kapoor, Saumya Tandon, Sachin Tedulkar, etc. by becoming an investor in a startup. The never-getting-aged actor has invested an undisclosed amount in the video social network

Along with becoming an investor, Kapoor has also shot a promotional video for the platform, which is now playing on its website. The platform debuts on April 28th.

The platform allows individuals and companies to create and monetise content by sharing videos. Using the platform, artists, retailers, NGOs, celebrities and individuals can connect with fans and supporters by interacting with them using video. has not yet been launched in India but it is all set to enter the nation on 28th April. Looking at the timing, it seems that the investment from Anil Kapoor will help the company to enter India.

Commenting about the investment, Anil Kapoor said,

Indi is my way of giving back to India and paying forward all the opportunities my country has given me. I believe in the ideal of Indi as a way of empowering the next generation of talented individuals to let their voices be heard.

Now a days, celebrities, who invest in startups, also becomes the brand ambassador of that company, hoping to generate more buzz and brand awareness. So, continuing the trend, Anil Kappor has also agreed to becomes the face of the company in India. In fact, he has also shot a commercial for the company.

The company was founded in 2012 by Neel Grover and Greg Giraudi in South California. However, if officially started operations across United States in 2013.

Commenting about the company’s plan to enter India, Neel Grover, said,

Indi is all about videos and discovery of talent. Our platform is all about engagement and India has over 600 million consumers with smartphones and a large young user base. Given that 4G is going to change the dynamics here, I think it is the right time f or us to launch in India. It was only later, when we shared the whole plan, Anil also agreed to be the face of India. He has also shot a commercial for

According to Neel, the video social network platform is supported by advanced inbuilt e-commerce capabilities and reaches out to senior level management of Fortune 500 companies, top media brands and celebrities, flaunting world-renowned investors.

The company’s platform is being used by users from over 200 countries. They have not provided any figures related to subscribers count. In India, on the business model, Indi will launch with an open platform, allowing companies to start their own channels.

As of generating revenues, the platform will be ad-supported. In this way, the channel owners will be getting 70% of the revenue and Indi will take the remainder. Apart from advertising, the company is also planning a premium model for brands and ecommerce.

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