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To ensure that more and more people use its service (and not use Ola of course), Uber has decided to make its UberGO even more affordable by offering some really delicious price cuts. Today, the company has announced price cuts for the service in ten of its overall functioning cities within India.

The company has announced up to 22 percent reduction in its prices. The cities where the company is reducing its prices include Pune, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Indore, Nagpur, Vizag, Mangalore and Trivandrum. Looking at the names though, it looks like this could just be a measure to get in more customers, considering these aren’t the most brilliant markets for Uber in India.

However, the price cut percentage are different for different cities. Jodhpur and Udaipur are the only cities where it is offering 22 percent price reduction. In Pune, it is offering 15% price cut, 17% in Ahmedabad, 18% in Ajmer, 9% in Indore, 9% in Nagpur, 16% in Vizag, 20% in Mangalore and 18% in Trivandrum.

In the official release, the company said:

The upside of these price cuts for riders is obvious as your Uber rides become even more affordable. But it’s also important to note that with increased demand drivers get busier as well. More demand increases driver efficiency on the road, resulting in more trips per hour, and less idle time while driving on Uber.

It will be interested to see what Ola will be offering. Ola has been following Uber and launching similar services whenever Uber comes with a new offering or initiative.

Earlier, when Uber announced its UberMoto service in India, Ola also announced its own bike taxi service within just couple of hours. To compete with UberGo, Ola has launched a service named Ola Micro with starting fare of Rs. 6 per kilometer.

According to reports, Uber is planning to invest $500 million more into India operations for further expansion and to fuel its fierce fight of market share with homegrown taxi aggregator Ola.

The company plans to invest the amount over a period of next three months. In addition to the expansion, the investment will also be used for forging more partnerships with the government and other businesses, marketing purposes, and for strengthening the driver base of the ride sharing app.

Uber is counting India as its most important market outside the US and is focused on making amendments to its slow and controversial start in the country.

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