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Microsoft’s Experimental Outlook Premium Will Allow Custom E-Mail Address Domains, Starts $3.99 Per Month

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A few months ago, there were several reports surfacing on the web, stating that Microsoft was working to improve its proprietary email client, Outlook with a variety of new features. The new features mentioned include custom domains for email IDs, an ad-free experience etc.

While there wasn’t much word from the Redmond giant regarding this development, on Monday, spotted a webpage that holds in the key details of pricing and features that will come with the subscription version of Outlook.

The company also offers another paid version of Outlook called ‘Ad-Free Outlook‘ priced at $19.95 per year. This version of the service just gets you rid of the ads but also costs less than Outlook Premium.

The new version of Outlook will allow you to create five email addresses under the same domain. It also integrates features from calendars, contacts and documents, making sharing and creating real-time data much easier. Another key feature is that the whole service will be completely ad-free. Also, it is built over the new which the company says will give you new ways to collaborate manage your time and get things done.

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the new client yet. It has however, confirmed the pilot program.

Apparently, the tech behemoth has teamed up with domain provider GoDaddy to allow Premium customers acquire the domain they want to use with their personalized email address. These email addresses will be free for the first year, after which the user will have to keep renewing it every year.

The service also comes in for Office 365 Home users with a personalized email address. The feature set, essentially remains the same, except for the fact that the service will be working with Office.

The setup process is simple. A wizard will run you through it and users will be shown a list of available domains. From here, the users can decide which email address to use to talk to someone.

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