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Tesla’s launches could easily be billed as the most exciting and hype-creating ones, largely due to the fact that the company is working at the intersection of two of the most futuristic domains — technology and automotive. And just like all other tesla launches, the Model 3 launch too has created its own share of hype, excitement and adrenaline pumping.

So much so is the excitement, that a lot of Tesla faithfuls have already waited in long queues outside the company’s showrooms, to deposit $1000 for booking the Model 3 — a car whose production will eventually kick off in late 2017.

Nevertheless, the mix of technology and automotive engineering which Musk has brought with Tesla over the years, is purely fascinating.

The Model 3 is all set to be unveiled at Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, California. And since most of the few Tesla fanatics here in India won’t be able to physically watch the unveiling, you can head over to Tesla’s website to watch the event live. The event starts at 8:40 A.M. IST (8:30 p.m. PT). Yup, thats a tad too early for us, but hey! anything for Tesla !

As for what we know so far, here’s a quick run down :

  • Design : Multiple reports from people who’ve had a look of the car, suggests that the Model 3 could look like a smaller hybrid of the Model X and S. While the car seems taller than a sedan, its front is more linkable to the Model X.
  • Speed : Here comes the most crucial stat of all. While all of Tesla cars are pretty Zippy, this one is expected to reach 0-60 MPH in a blazingly fast 4 seconds. There’s of course nothing concrete on that.
  • Range : Some say that the Model 3’s batteries may last  200-225 miles. More recent reports have stretched that limit to as far as 300 miles. We’ll only come to know of the same post the unveiling.
  • Price : The car will start at $35,000. With tax credits it could cost $7,500 less in the U.S. with a twist though.
  • How to Buy : Well, Tesla has already opened up reservations for buying the Model 3, as and when it arrives. Reservations for Model 3 begin on March 31st worldwide. Reservation amounts in each currency can be found here. There are two ways to make a reservation. The first, which will allow you to get a better spot in the queue, is to visit your local store when it opens on March 31st. Find your closest Tesla store here. The second is to make a reservation online at Tesla.com when the live unveil starts at 8:30pm PT.

Model 3 production is scheduled to begin in late 2017. When production begins, Tesla will begin deliveries in North America starting on the West Coast, moving east. As the company continue to ramp production, deliveries will begin in Europe, APAC and right-hand drive markets.

So there it is, most info in a nutshell. We’ll tell you more post the unveiling, stay tuned!


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