One of the most exciting announcements of Microsoft’s Build Conference 2016 is that the company has now brought to us the ‘Centennial’ desktop app converter. This tool will enable developers to convert their legacy apps into current generation applications.

This means that if you’re a developer and have written an app some time ago in Win32 or .NET, you will be able to use this new tool to turn this app into the AppX app format. The AppX format is the current supported format for the Windows Store, more commonly called the Universal Windows Platform.

Universal apps, as most already know, can be run on any device running Windows 10. May it be a desktop, a smartphone, a Surface, a tablet, a wearable or anything at all, Universal apps will provide a consistent user experience on all platforms.

The tech giant, at its build presentation, revealed that it had been working with enterprise accounting software company Sage to bring its Sage 200 software to the Windows Store.

The converter should hugely increase the number of apps, as well as the app experience on the Windows Store. It isn’t currently available, yet but the company says that we might just see it as part of the Microsoft Developer Preview program.


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