Desperate iOS users have taken it to Apple’s discussion page to report a peculiar bug on iOS 9.3. The bug, apparently is primarily affecting the newer iPhone models– the 6S and 6S Plus but there have been reports of older models of the iPhone and iPad being affected, too.

iOS 9.3 was released last week and the roll out was generally smooth. Initial impressions were also above average but a couple of days after the launch, users of older devices started reporting failures in activation. This was the first bug iOS 9.3 users faced.

The latest issue is reported to have an unknown cause for now. Users on iOS 9.3 are unable to open links on Safari or any other app. Instead of taking you to the required website, the app crashes, freezes or hangs. This isn’t the only take users have of the bug. Some users are reporting that tapping on links simply does nothing, whereas a tap-and-hold causes a crash.

The Cupertino giant hasn’t yet talked about the issue or offered a permanent fix. Some users, though, are saying that disabling JavaScript partially solves the issue for opening links in Safari. The issue still stands for other apps, apparently.

The Apple Support page the tech giant had launched a couple of weeks ago is also flooding with reports of the bug. Close observation will show you that the issue is more widespread among the 6S and 6S Plus devices, owing to the fact that the root cause could have something to do with initial 3D Touch bugs.

Whatever might be the case, we won’t know the actual cause of this strange bug until Apple acknowledges the issue and offers a fix. We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, watch this video if you want to know about one of the iterations of this bug.

Also, do comment below and let us know if you’re facing the issue as well.

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