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Popular Mac OSX And Linux Only BitTorrent Client Transmission, Now Available For Windows

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Transmission, the BitTorrent client which was exclusively available for Mac OS X and Linux users before, will now be available for Windows. The program hasn’t yet been showcased on the official Transmission website, but is available for download on the official repository.

Transmission has been one of the best BitTorrent clients out there. Even though it lacks in terms of interface flexibility, its other features hugely make up for this. Not just this, released in 2005, it is one of the oldest and most used BitTorrent clients. It is also the default BitTorrent client on various Linux distributions.

We got the first official build of Transmission for Windows today but we had seen the first test build come out earlier this month on the download directory.

According to TorrentFreak, the official Windows release will be added to the download page after the next version comes out.

Since then I saw many people showing up either willing to use Transmission on Windows since they already use it on another platform, or looking for an alternative to their current BitTorrent client on Windows for this or that reason,

Mike Gelfand, Transmission developer told TorrentFreak.

The only difference right now is that it runs on Windows. We’ll see how it goes, some features could be added later on which are specific to Windows and aren’t needed on other platforms.

Apparently, the current build of the software is 2.92 which is the same version that Linux and Mac versions of the BitTorrent client are available in currently. The interface is very plain and simple, only giving you only the most necessary details and options. Most of the features and workings of Transmission are similar to other BitTorrent clients, the difference being its efficiency and reliability.

Another plus for Transmission is that its very light on your system and memory with the added benefit of being open-source.

Here are the key features/advantages of Transmission:

  • Uses fewer resources than other clients
  • Native Mac, GTK+ and Qt GUI clients
  • Daemon ideal for servers, embedded systems, and headless use
  • All these can be remote controlled by Web and Terminal clients
  • Local Peer Discovery
  • Full encryption, DHT, µTP, PEX and Magnet Link support

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