Dropbox announced on Monday that it has now got over 500 million users under its umbrella. The company says that this milestone isn’t just about how popular the platform has become, it says that the highlight is that its users are working together and collaborating.

The cloud storage platform was first brought into the market in September 2008 and from there on, it just saw  a linear climb up the ladder. It hit 100 million users in November 2012, 200 million a year later, 300 million five months later in May 2014 and 400 million users after 13 months in June 2015.

The US based company said that most of its current users were from all around the world. In fact, more than 75 percent of Dropbox users are from outside the US. The most recent 100 million users have mainly come from countries around the globe including Brazil, India, Great Britain and Germany.

The company says that since its launch, users have used its service to create 3.3 billion connections by sharing with each other. This number has seen a 51% increase just in the last year. Also, 44% of Dropbox users were invited by friends and family using the service.

Not just this, many other important sectors have been loyal customers to the cloud storage giant. Here’s what the company had to say in the blog post announcing the milestone about this:

“[…] Over 65% of the filmmakers at this year’s Sundance Film Festival told us that Dropbox is integral to their work. Mining industry manufacturer GIW Industries is using Dropbox to speed turnaround time for customers. And News Corp’s 25,000-plus employees have made Dropbox part of their increasingly cloud-centric workflows.”

Dropbox isn’t the only cloud service in the market, though and it seems like its competitors will not go out without a fight. Services like Google’s Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive are the closest that the company has to competition and even though they come from companies much bigger in name and fame from Dropbox, the services have yet to achieve Dropbox’s height. Whatever might be the case, competition is becoming cut-throat right now.

To counter this, the cloud service took up partnerships and made many deals in order to keep its hand on top of the deck.


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