Microsoft announced via a blog post on Wednesday, that its Dynamics CRM 2016 software for online customers will be receiving the “spring wave” update in Q2 this year. The highlight of the upcoming update of the company’s customer relation software is the integration of two of the Redmond giant’s recent acquisitions (FieldOne and Adxstudio).

The new features will enable customers to enjoy field service and portal solutions for community engagement. The company is also introducing project service with the upcoming update. Microsoft believes that its new service model will revolutionize the customer service sector.

Adxstudio, until five months ago, was involved with the sale of the web portals used for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and now the its expertise is being used by Microsoft to better its customer services.

The new capabilities that are being brought in by the update for Dynamics CRM 2016 will enable organizations to schedule, manage and deliver onsite service for both small tasks as well as complex projects.

The blog post announcing the update reads:

With the new capabilities we’re introducing in our Spring  wave to support field and project service, organizations will have the ability to schedule, manage and deliver onsite service, whether it be their field technician who is supporting multiple customers on a single day, or complex, multi-day projects.  Field service matches the requirements for service calls with the available resources and end-to-end processes span from case management through to work order completion.  Project service enables complex, multi-day engagements and optimizes resourcing with intelligent, skills-based assignments. Through our service delivery foundation, we bring project service and field service together within the core CRM solution to help companies manage resources across all sources of demand – no other vendor in the market is doing this and these new capabilities make Dynamics CRM uniquely positioned to support the breadth of self, assisted and on-site service.

The update also introduces portal solutions which will enable organizations to better connect with customers, partners and employees. This new approach comes with the added advantage of allowing admins to provide the aforementioned groups with a better and easier way to access information, obtain assistance and perform tasks. The flow of this information can, if required, be easily controlled and monitored by the organizations and the up tops can coordinate communications among different teams.

Another addition are the new guided navigation capabilities which will provide application users with guided tasks and support, depending on the users requirements.

The software giant is also going to use machine learning, powered by Azure Machine Learning, to increase the quality of customer understanding. Here’s what the blog post had to say about this development:

We are also enhancing the intelligence capabilities of our solutions with the introduction of two new machine learning scenarios for Microsoft Social Engagement – adaptive learning and automated triage.  Adaptive learning, powered by Azure Machine Learning, enables users to customize sentiment scoring models and the system will learn from it to reach higher sentiment precision.

Microsoft Dynamics general manager Jujhar Singh writes.

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