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Google announced on Wednesday via a blog post that it is now going to promote AMPed mobile web pages to provide a faster browsing experience. The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an open-source initiative that the web giant introduced last October along with a handful of publishers, technology companies and ad-tech businesses in order to increase page load speeds on mobile web.

AMP, the company says, loads web pages on mobile devices almost four times faster and uses 10 times less data than equivalent non-AMP pages. This makes load times on an average Internet connection blazingly fast. The project was started by the company with just about 30 publishers from around the world which included TwitterPinterest,, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn.

The technology basically uses what Google likes to call AMP HTML, an open framework built entirely out of existing web technologies, which allows websites to build light-weight webpages. The company expected large scale adoption of AMP over the past few months and we are happy to say that it’s a win-win situation for all.

With the adoption count in hundreds now, the web giant is going to make it easier to find AMPed web pages so that you have the smoothest browsing experience. Whenever you use Google to search for a keyword using a mobile device now, webpages created using AMP will appear when relevant in the Top Stories section of the search results page. These stories will appear at lightning fast speeds with the added bonus of being extremely light.

The future of AMP is surely going to be bright. Here’s what David Besbris, VP Engineering of Search had to write in the blog post announcing the new development:

While helping people find fast AMP content through Google Search is a significant step, there’s still a lot of work ahead for the open source AMP Project. Still, it’s been thrilling to see how the industry has come together to work on this common goal of making the mobile web great for everyone. And given the potential AMP holds for other types of content, we’re excited about what the future holds.

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