Samsung’s Unpacked event for 2017 was filled with a lot of excitement and anticipation. The tech giant gave us many treats today and not all of them start with the word ‘Galaxy’.

After the spectacular unveiling of this year’s flagship smartphones, the tech giant moved on to something different. Partners, products and services, the Korean firm said were the three pillars it stands on today just after it was done showing off the extremely powerful S7 devices. We had a session where the company went on and on about its partners.

Samsung then announced that Samsung Connect Auto will now bring cloud analytics and data to your car as well as connectivity. This means that you’ll get wireless connectivity wherever you go via LTE. It also provides data to everyone on board via a WiFi Hotspot. It also promotes better and safer driving habits and adds features like keeping tabs on maintenance, helping you find your parked car and alerting your contacts if you’re ever involved in an accident.

The next big announcement was a new 360 camera. It looks like a small ball and can use it to capture the new type of VR. The videos can be played on your smartphone or even use the Gear VR. The device itself is made of two F2.0 lenses. It can wirelessly connect to your S7 or S7 Edge and you can stream live from either device.

Next up, we had Mark Zuckerberg on stage. Wait! What?

That’s right folks, we had Mr. Facebook at Samsung’s launch event. The first thing of note is that as soon as Zuck stepped on-stage, the media went crazy. The co-founder of the world’s largest social networking site was at Samsung’s event today because he had good news for us regarding Virtual Reality.

As established earlier, Mark Zuckerberg believes a lot in VR. So much in fact, that his company acquired Oculus, a firm specialized in VR. Zuck praised Samsung for its Gear VR saying is by far the best mobile VR experience. And that’s because it combines the best hardware from Samsung and the best VR software from Facebook. For those of you who do not know, the Gear VR was partly made by Oculus.

Zuck then went on about how Facebook and Samsung have been working hard to make VR tech better and more mainstream. He then announced what the big dudes like to call dynamic streaming for VR videos. This, Zuck said, the company to deliver a video with a much higher resolution while simultaneously reducing the network bandwidth. He also added that this, along with many other exciting features in the area of VR, will start rolling out in the next few weeks. He later finished by saying “the best is still to come.”

All in all, the Samsung event today came with lots of amazing news.

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