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Games Accounted For A Massive Eighty Five Percent Of Overall Mobile App Revenues In 2015 : App Annie

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Mobile games have beaten every other category in the mobile app market by a resounding margin to become the highest revenue generators in the sector. Games alone have surpassed $34.8 billion in revenue for the year 2015.

The data compiled by market research firm App Annie puts the revenue generated by games at approximately 85 percent of the total revenue garnered by the mobile app market in 2015. The overall revenue generated by the mobile app market in 2015 is about $51 billion.

With games playing a major role in the development of mobile app sector, the market research firm projects the sector to almost double its fortunes by 2020.  Coupled with the rise of smartphones, the sector is expected to reach $101 billion by the end of this decade, according to App Annie.

When it comes to revenue generated from games alone, the market research firm projects a steady growth. By 2016 revenue generated by games will reach $41 billion, and by the end of this decade will reach 74.6 billion. Though the overall market revenue generated by games will be down from the current 85 percent to about 75 percent in 2020, the numbers are still staggering for the app market dominated by gaming applications.

The market research firm states that the biggest market for gaming applications is China, where games have managed to generate the highest revenue. The data, which looks at the overall growth of the mobile app market puts Japan and South Korea behind China as the most prospective markets for gaming applications. As more gaming app users are located in these regions, developers look for revenue by developing for the taste of these users.  With more revenue coming from the gaming applications, the number of gaming apps on the market is bound to shoot up in the coming years.

But, when compared to data compiled by other market research firms, the revenue generated from gaming applications appears resoundingly more than the one projected by App Annie. A data compiled by Digi-Capital projects a $90 billion revenue coming from games for the year 2016. The firm also expects a 22 percent per year growth for games until 2020, by which time the revenue is expected to reach $115 billion for gaming applications. The market research firm clarifies that the growth rate is positive but not as  significant as seen in the previous years.

If the data from EEDAR is to be taken into consideration for PC gaming market then the gaming titles for the PC are still making considerable revenue amidst the dominance of the gaming consoles. The market research firm states that in the year 2015 the overall revenue generated by console market  was $44 billion, where as for the PC market it was $24.6 billion.


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