Twitter will soon switch to an algorithmic timeline as soon as next week, BuzzFeed News reported on Saturday. The switch comes just days after Twitter announced some major updates to the way it opens up for logged out users.

Since Jack Dorsey took over as CEO in October 2015, Twitter has seen many major and minor changes throughout. But the new switch in the timeline view will by far be the most significant and boldest move under the new CEO.

Evidently, the new algorithmic timeline by Twitter has been under testing with a small group of users for a while now. And as it turns out, the new feature seems to have had a positive reception by these testers and the microblogging platform believes that a worldwide release is the next step to go.

If you’re still trying to get a hold of what this new algorithmic timeline is, you can consider it similar to your Facebook timeline. The feature will display long posts using various algorithms to determine what people are most likely to want to see. It is a very different approach from the current reverse chronological order type feeds Twitter currently displays.

Josh Sternberg, the director of branded content at NBC News, said that inside sources told him that the algorithms are strictly opt-in which means a chronological timeline will remain as an option if you want to use it instead of a Facebook-ish interface.

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