SoundCloud is introducing a new feature that will enable its users to create a radio station using tracks available on the platform. The new feature named ‘Stations’, is available as an update on the Android and iOS platforms.

The news that SoundCloud was launching an audio streaming service in 2016 was in the air for quite some time now. SoundCloud confirmed the update on its blog stating that “Sit back, tune in and discover. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Stations on the SoundCloud app for iOS and Android.”

With Stations, the Berlin based audio streaming service hopes to promote the music discovery platform to a larger audience. The feature will be new for SoundCloud users, but those already using Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music will be familiar with the feature.

Stations is a new way to discover the tracks you’ve never heard anywhere else, making it easy to tap into a long stream of music related to your Likes. It takes our previous “Related Tracks” feature and brings it further, simplifying the functionality and making the recommendations even better,

announced SoundCloud.

The audio streaming platform believes that by using the feature, its users can find tracks that are not available on any other service. Through the platform, users can search for original tracks using the continuous play tool.

SoundCloud will rely on the users listening preferences and most liked tracks to create a continuous mix. Once the mix is generated, users have to tap on the menu option right next to the track and create their own track station through the ‘Start Station’ option. The platform currently relies on over 100 million tracks available on its platform to create a continuous stream of audio.

Users can know which track is playing currently and will be notified through pop-ups. Users can also like other stations and can access them on the recent stations option. A related feature is already available for the web on the SoundCloud platform, through which users can continuously listen to tracks similar to the one played initially.


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