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Microsoft’s Windows 10 — the OS which the Redmond giant has been counting on to bring back those old glory days of XP and Windows 7, isn’t disappointing its maker after all. The OS, according to statistics compiled by NetMarketShare on users’ basis and StatCounter on usage basis, is now the second most operational OS on the block, superseded by its elder sibling, Windows 7.

This is where the total market share stands, as per data compiled by NetMarketShare (this is by user market share):

Just to give you a background on stats about Windows 10’s progress, the OS was installed on close to 75 Million devices in its first four weeks, and passed 110 million after 10 weeks. Windows 10 crossed the 200 Million milestone last week and its maker Microsoft, is aiming for 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in a couple of years.

While Windows 10 is one thing to pick up from the report, another interesting figure is the sheer, gargantuan command which Microsoft has on the overall PC OS market share. Windows is now installed on over 90% devices, with Mac occupying 7.68% and Linux, a mere 1.7%.

Windows 7 continues to enjoy the popularity it gained during its lifetime, and it is highly unlikely that the OS will see a de-throning anytime soon. Windows 7 accounts for over 52% of the market share and might just go below 50% this year — considering Microsoft’s free upgrade program is yet to be adapted by Millions of old OS users.

Windows Vista somehow, out-of-the-blue, managed to gain 0.07 points to 1.69 percent, the ever-green, ever-favourite Windows XP also saw itself rise by 0.49 points to 11.42 percent. While Vista’s gain is simply out of my common knowledge (considering how pathetic the OS was), XP’s gain and continued, over 10% market share could well be coming from Government agencies globally, who still rely on the now not supported, ancient OS.

However, do note though, that NetMarketShare gives you user market share from 160 million unique visitors each month, by monitoring some 40,000 websites for its clients, while StatCounter gives you usage market share, by over 15 billion page views per month to over three million websites.

Here’s StatCounter’s data :

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