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And Facebook has once again, once again killed it with its quarterly earnings reports, crushing, smashing and doing all sorts of stuff to the so called wall street estimates. The social networking giant brought in $5.8 Billion in revenues, beating the $5.3 Billion estimate by a wide margin.

Those numbers, are up from 1.55 billion users and $4.5 billion in revenue last quarter, and have beaten the $5.3 Billion revenue estimate and the 68 cents earnings per share estimates of the Wall street.

And while Facebook’s monthly user count grew a bit slower at 2.58% QoQ, as compared to the 4% + growth last quarter, strong revenue numbers show how well Facebook has been doing in monetising the developing world. Back in Q1 2012, Facebook’s earning were a mere $0.32 per user in the “rest of world” segment. That number has shot up 4 times by now, making Facebook the most well performing new-age western company in the developing world — a region where it is hard to earn from users, even if they add in millions to your userbase.


Here are some charts from a new set of stats released by Mark Zuckerberg for you to have a look, at the sheer, gargantuan amount of progress Facebook is making, and how it is virtually eating up the internet.

facebook-earnings-report-q4-2015 facebook-mau-q4-2015 facebook-dau-q4-2015 facebook-q4-2015-mobile-only-maus

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