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CodingLabs, a platform where aspiring technologists can showcase their coding skills, has received an undisclosed amount of funding from Vineel Nalla, CEO of NBOS Technologies and co-founder of 50K Ventures.

Founded in 2015, CodingLabs provides a platform for coding technologists to showcase their coding skills by solving problem statements on the platform. The coders can also build an online skill profile for themselves using the tools on the portal while accessing coding challenges in different technologies.

Using the platform, organizations and employers can access the profiles of the coders and can hire the one who possesses the required skills.

50K Ventures is a platform for tech startups at early stage of their life-cycles, providing access to seed funds, connecting with dedicated mentors and launching into different markets.

Sanjay Enishetty, chief executive of 50K Ventures, said,

The dozen start-ups in our portfolio can use the service of CodingLabs. It is also open to any other start-ups who want to hire technical resources.

There are several similar startups out there which act as an platform for coders to show their coding skills and based on that, employers can hire coders. Such startups include HackerRank, which has raised around $20 million till date.

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