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Facebook’s Audience Network will now extend to support mobile web, the social giant announced on Tuesday. The service was previously exclusive to mobile apps and operated as Facebook’s main tool in the expanding their ad network’s reach.

The new expansion, the company noted, will enable 2.5 million Facebook advertisers to reach more of the people they care about on mobile devices. The company aims to create real outcomes for advertisers, such as sales or app installs, and to provide publishers with a metric to optimize towards with our Advertiser Outcome Score.

With the exponential increase in digital media consumption in mobile web browsers, Facebook believes that expanding its ad network in this domain will help improve both consumer experience and advertiser traffic and popularity.

Facebook has apparently worked with global mobile web publishers Hearst, Elite Daily, USA Today Sports Media Group, Time Inc. to test Audience Network for mobile web in a closed beta. The company has seen positive results so far. An example is this excerpt, Facebook highlights as the feedback from Answers.com:

Answers is thrilled to be an Audience Network for mobile web beta partner. As one of the web’s largest premier publishers, we’re always looking for innovative ways to monetize our high-quality content.

The Audience Network for mobile web showcases Facebook’s unique approach to providing value for publishers and advertisers and is already becoming one of our top monetization partners on mobile web. With the company’s massive reach and unrivaled audience targeting capabilities, this new offering will be a game-changer for the digital publishing industry.

Rich Dredge, CEO Answers.com

The service is also very easy to use, without any SDK integration. Just an approval, followed by adding a JavaScript tag to the publisher’s HTML page source code. Then they can start creating placements right away. The native ads can also be customized by the publishers as they require.

To join the public beta and learn more about the service, head right here.

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