Twitter has had one nightmare of a weekend. The social media company saw multiple high level executives leave in a span so short, it could give you goosebumps. Adding to this list, is Jason Toff, general manager for Twitter’s short-video sharing service Vine, who too is leaving the company to join Google for VR.

Toff previously worked at YouTube and has been leading Vine since 2014. According to an update made via a tweet, he’s now headed back to Google to work on virtual reality applications. Google is currently focusing on VR more than ever. The company recently posted a set of new job openings just for the VR line. All in all, the VR sector of Google seems as bright as ever.

Toff tweeted,

Personal update! I’m joining Google to work on VR. So much exciting potential there.

The San Francisco based company saw many other leading people leave the company in a matter of days. Kevin Weil, head of product, and Katie Stanton, global media chief, are a few of them. Toff’s departure wasn’t in fact, reported by CEO, Jack Dorsey.

The company has also plummeted in stocks. Lower than it has ever been. Adding to that is the fact that investors are loosing confidence too.

The new executive changes come just in time for the executive retreat this week in San Francisco with the company’s top brass. All in all, CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey had a huge responsibility on his head right now. He now needs to establish proper leadership and re-organise Twitter so that it doesn’t suffer the fate that it is almost destined to.

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