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Qubole, the Mountain View CA HQed Hadoop-as-a-service provider, which helps enterprises in provisioning, management and scaling of big data analytics workloads, has announced closure of a massive $30 Million in a fresh Series C round, led by Institutional Venture Partners.

Apart from IVP leading the Series C round, existing investors including CRV, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Norwest Venture Partners also participated. Somesh Dash, general partner at IVP, will join the Qubole board of directors as part of the investment. The round will take Qubole’s total raised capital close to $50 Million till date.

Founded in 2013 by Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma, both of whom were a part of building and leading the original Facebook Data Service Team from 2007-2011, Qubole simplifies the provisioning, management and scaling of big data analytics workloads leveraging data stored on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute, or Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

In a press release, Thusso says,

We are thrilled to have several of the largest and most innovative companies as customers. As the clear leader in the market, Qubole is establishing the standard for how enterprises process big data in the cloud.

With Qubole connected to your choice of cloud provider, once IT sets policies, any number of data analysts can be set free to collaboratively “click to query” with the power of Hive, Spark, Presto and many others in a growing list of data processing engines.

Qubole claims to deliver a more accessible way to perform big data analytics for data stored and growing in your AWS, Google and Microsoft cloud accounts — in times when big data processing continues to become more and more complicated, largely due to the sheer amount of data we have these days.

The startup’s proprietary product, Qubole Data Service (QDS), serves as a unified interface for performing the myriad of use cases and workloads that a data driven organization will face ranging from ad hoc analysis, predictive analysis, machine learning, streaming and MapReduce to name a few. Users without software development skills can leverage the QDS workbench through their SmartQuery interface without even knowing how to write a SQL query.

Qubole says, that its QDS platform is built with extensibility as a core design principle. Developers may connect their applications to automatically drive queries using a number of QDS’ language SDKs. Data analysts may prefer to compose queries directly for data preparation and ETL workloads, or interact with their BI/visualization tool of choice using one of the QDS ODBC connectors.

QDS Data Engines are fully automated and optimized for the cloud. We are continually evaluating new and innovative open-source tools and engines as they gain customer traction. When new technologies mature, we look to incorporate them into our enterprise analytics framework. All these services are tested to perform at petabyte+ scale with enterprise-level support, governance, and management tools.

The company processes more than 250,000 Terabytes of data every month across its customer base. Clients include Datalogix (Oracle), BloomReach, Pinterest, TubeMogul and Fanatics. Qubole runs on the biggest public cloud networks, including Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform as well.


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