Facebook announced today that it will be bringing in a new set of 3D Touch features for its Timeline on the iPhones 6S and 6S Plus. The new shortcuts and services will be taking full advantage of the ‘peek and pop’ features offered on these smartphones.

Since its launch with the latest flagship iPhones, a handful of developers have made good use of 3D Touch. Most of the features were fairly limited, though, only allowing users to access shortcut menus in the app tray and vague gestures throughout the apps, which most people often forgot about. This was expected as the technology was still in its infancy and developers needed time to fully understand how the feature could do wonders.

3D Touch was first brought into Facebook last October. At that time, the only extra features that took advantage of this service were a drop down shortcuts’ menu that showed up when you hard pressed or ‘popped’ the Facebook icon, and a few other shortcuts here and there, but that was it.

The social giant today announced that peek and pop will now work with “web links, profiles, pages, groups, events, photos, profile pictures, and cover photos,” which just about covers everything.

We are excited to start rolling out support for 3D Touch in our iOS app so people can quickly and easily peek into a preview of anything they are interested in on Facebook, and pop into that content to see more,

a Facebook spokesperson said, confirming the addition.

While that’s all well and good, the announcement has a downside too. Just like every other silicon giant out there, Facebook is planning to roll out the new features in phases. The features will roll out for “a small group of people beginning today.” The remainder of users will get these new services “over the coming months.”

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