Amazon India has today launched an exclusive, exam centric category for the younger audience out there, christened “Exam Central”. The section can be accessed under its Book section, using which users can get access to  sample question papers, solved papers, articles, etc. from academicians for entrance exams.

This seems to be the perfect timing for launching an entrance exam related portal as this is time of year when students start preparing for various IIT-JEEs, AIPMTs and all those 100 different exams which millions of students give in India every year. Phew! Been there, trust me we need more exam centrals..

Moving on, for students who are planning to appear for exams, Amazon wants to make things simpler for them and has thus, introduced Exam Central where students will get information about upcoming exams, book suggestions and more.

It will also display exam related information and calendar for next 3-4 months, along with preparation books, study material, exams preparation tips and FAQs.

Currently, the service covers exams like UPSC mains, GRE, GATE, IBPS PO, CAT, GMAT, IIT-JEE, bank exams like SBI PO, BPS Clerk, management exams, engineering and medical exams, as well as international and professional exams.

Along with the books in English language, some of the books will also be available in Hindi. There will also be selected exam sample papers, solved papers and articles for the month available for free to download.

With Exam Central, Amazon actually does not compete directly with other education/test preparation companies. Multiple startups and established companies offer offline study, guidance from experts, getting answers checked and feedback on them etc. but this isn’t really a genre Amazon is entering, for now at least.

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