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iPhone 7C Probable Release Date Leaked By China Mobile

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It has been a tradition lately of iPhone leaks coming out of China. We’ve seen a lot of legit leaks, a few inaccurate ones, but all in all, China is sort of like the leaky pipe for Apple devices information. And that leaky pipe is giving some info on iPhone 7C.

Just recently, a viral image made it onto the Internet which can be traced back to China Mobile, the Chinese state-owned mobile phone network. The image reveals possible info about the upcoming iPhone 7C.

The next iteration of the ‘C’ series has been rumoured for quite a while now. We did not get this year’s version of it, though. And the next one is scheduled for a 2016 launch. We didn’t have any concrete information about the next iPhone baby except it was rumoured that it would be named the iPhone 7C.

China Mobile recently hosted a presentation revealing its product schedule for 2016. It was all normal stuff except one of the attendees took a photograph of the slide which has been smoking the web ever since. The snapshot reveals that China Mobile will apparently be handling the launch of an iPhone 7C in April.

The device was referred to as the 7C which indicates that it will be a smaller version of next year’s flagship smartphone from Apple. We can also expect it to come in a full metal body, rather than the plastic shell the 5C came in. The design is also rumoured to be similar, if not identical, to next year’s iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7C is also rumoured to be quite a bit different than the 5C. Speculators believe that the 7C will be more a smaller, affordable version of the iPhone without the colorful visage associated with the iPhone 5C.

As the launch date is implied to be April 2016, we can expect the phone to be launched alongside the next Apple Watch which is also rumoured to hit the market somewhere around that time.

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