Prime Minister Narendra Modi has, since the very beginning, been very keen on developing an entrepreneurial culture in the country. He wants India to become a start-up destination, and this has just been made more concrete.

In an announcement in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’ yesterday, PM Modi announced that the Government will unveil a blueprint for start-ups in the country on January 16.

Modi first showed his concern regarding India becoming a start-up destination from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 15th of August this year. He believes that entrepreneurs will not only help the country progress through technology, finance and the like, but will also play a key role in job creation.

On the 15th of August, from the Red Fort, I talked about India becoming a start-up destination… Subsequently, the talk about whether India can indeed become a Start Up capital of the world. On January 16 we are coming out with an action plan on start-ups,

PM Modi said.

Startup India, Stand up India programme will connect bright minds from IT in all colleges through live connectivity… Youth all over India have the talent and the capability to propel India’s growth.

The vision is that all of the 1.25 lakh bank branches all over the country should encourage at least one Dalit or tribal entrepreneur and at least one woman entrepreneur.

The address by the Prime Minister lasted just about 20 minutes in which he greeted the country for the festive season and said that the government will design the Start-Up India programme according to the needs of the country.

On January 16, the government of India will unveil the full Action Plan of Start-up India, Stand-up India… A structure will be presented before you. This programme will be connected to the country’s IITs, IIMs, central universities and NITs. Wherever there are youth, they will be linked through ‘live connectivity,

the Prime Minister said.

The programme aims at promoting financing for start-up ventures by banks throughout the country and offer incentives to boost entrepreneurship and job creation. PM Modi added that he wanted start-ups to embrace the rural India as much as the urban India.

The Prime Minister also talked about the government taking initiatives to help disabled people.


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