Three months ago when Apple released its latest iPhones, we got an awesome collection of new features for the smartphones. One of the most awaited of these features was Live Photos. Many third party apps have been integrating this recently and adding to the list, Facebook announced on Monday that it will be rolling out Live Photos Support, globally.

Live Photos enables users to capture moving pictures. It’s currently an exclusive feature in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. While taking a snapshot, if Live Photos is enabled, we get a short clip 1.5 seconds before the shutter is pressed and 1.5 seconds after (along with the audio). This, according to Apple, is the new and innovative way of taking pictures. Harry Potter, anybody?

Many social giants, as well as third party companies, have been integrating Live Photos in their services recently. We saw Tumblr show off the feature a few days ago.

On Monday, Facebook announced that all users of iOS will be getting the feature by New Years. A new update containing the feature started rolling out on Monday morning.

If you own the latest smartphone from Apple, uploading a Live Photo is no different than uploading a normal picture. There is only one extra step you need to follow. You just have to tap on the ‘LIVE’ option whilst uploading the media file. If you press that, you will be uploading the Live Photo, if not, just the snapshot will be sent.

This option will require you to check it manually each time you are uploading a picture. This is great because you most certainly will want to avoid any unwanted Live Photo shares as the feature is always enabled once you start taking pictures on your phone.

While capturing Live Photos is currently only supported by the latest two flagships from the Tech giant, you can still view them on older versions of the iPhone. Facebook will support Live Photo views for smartphones as old as the iPhone 4S, that is, any device running iOS 9.

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